It’s time to start thinking about the upcoming 4-H Photography Contests.  We have four opportunities ahead of us:

  1. Walker County Fair (Due March 28, 2018)
  2. Walker County 4-H Photography Contest (Due March 28, 2018)
  3. District 9 4-H Photography Contest (Digital contest due on 4-H Connect by March 28, 2018)
  4. State 4-H Photography Contest (Senior age members only that receive a 1st place award at the county contest.)


Attached below are the rules for all of these contests.  Please note that they all have somewhat different rules and categories so please read over them and familiarize yourself with the rules.  The District and State 4-H contests are totally digital contests, so you do not have to actually turn in a printed photo.  The Walker County Fair and Walker County 4-H contests are judged by printed pictures.  We work together with the WCF to allow us to use the same entries in both contests.  If you plan to enter the same photo in both contests (County Fair and County 4-H), please follow the rules for the Walker County Fair for printing and matting.  (These rules are explained better in the attached set of rules.)   You can enter the District Contest without entering the County Contest.  County is NOT a qualifying contest for district, but it IS a qualifying contest for the State 4-H contest.  You must get a first place in the County Contest to be eligible for the State Contest.


Entry for Walker County Fair, Walker County 4-H Photography Contest and the District 9 4-H Photography Contest will take place on March 28, 2018 at the Walker County Fairgrounds.    Please bring your photos for the District Contest in a digital format (you can even email them to me prior to the registration date.)

2017-2018-D-9 Photography Packet

2018 County 4-H Photography Packet

Walker County Fair Photography Rules

State 4-H Rules and Guidelines 17-18

If you have any questions about any of these contests, please don’t hesitate to call the office!



Follow this link for tips and tricks for photography!


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