Forest Land Resources

Forest Land Resources


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Timber & Forestry Information:

 B-6115 Loblolly Pine Planting (for sale publication)

Selecting a Consulting Forester Consulting foresters do cost landowners money to utilize; however, they can improve your marketing and ultimately increase your returns.

Salvaging Timber ( set of three publications )

 Trees of Texas: TX A&M Forest Service Tree Identification

Tree Insects Here is a good overview of the insects which we see impacting our trees.

Tree Diseases and Invasive Species Quick reviews of issues affecting our timber lands.

(Homeowners) Texas Tree Planting Guide another resource provided by the Texas Forest Service. Select the proper tree, place it in the proper location, plant it correctly, maintain and care for it as needed.

Best Management Practices Here is the information you need to maintain the health of your forestland and natural resources.


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