Rangeland, Pastures, Weed & Brush Control Sources

Rangeland, Pastures, Weed & Brush Control Information Sources


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Plant Identification:

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery This is a good reference set for plant ID.

Native Plants of South Texas We aren’t south Texas or close to Uvalde, but this site does help with some of our plants.

Texas A&M AgriLife Ecosystem Science and Management Check out the publications list for help identifying your native plants.


Weed & Brush Control/Management:

2014 Suggestions for Weed Control in Pastures and Forages publication

Brush Busters ( & ) Weed Busters ( Web Site / Bookstore publications ) Brush Busters is an easy to use site with reliable recommendations for many of our common problem brush species.

Brush Sculptors SP-21 (for sale publication)

Brush & Weeds of Texas Rangelands B-6208

Do you have Honey Locust? Be sure to see the videos posted at the bottom of this page.


Pesticide Labels: (Always read and follow printed label directions completely.)

The following list of label sources is provided to assist your search for information related to weed & brush control products.  This is not a comprehensive list as there are many companies which provide such products.  No product endorsement is implied by this listing.

Greenbook: Search product labels.

Crop Data Management Systems: Search product labels.

Dow AgroSciences: Search product labels.

BASF Chemical Company: Search product labels.

Dupont Chemical Company: Search product labels.

Albaugh: Search product labels.

Alligare: Product labels.


Agricultural Equipment:

 Revegetation Equipment Catalog This site provides an excellent overview of various agricultural equipment and its utilization. Also provided are references to commercial industry providing the equipment described. Items described on this site include: tractors, ATV equipment, GPS systems, fertilizer applicators, seed harvesters, seed processers, transport trailers, and more.


Soils & Mapping Information:

 USDA/NRCS Web Soil Survey Online soil survey maps and information.

Google Earth For the landowner, be sure to utilize the historical views to see what your land looked like at various times during the past flyover photo sessions – you will find that interesting.

Texas A&M Soil Testing Lab The one stop shop for soil / forage / water testing at Texas A&M University. If you want to send a sample in for testing soils, the AgriLife Extension office can provide sample bags and forms or you can print an online Test Submittal Form

Are you curious as to how large your pasture is?   Trinity River Information Management System (TRIMS) has an online mapping tool that can measure areas.  This tool is extremely helpful when working with pastures and ponds. When you follow the link, be sure to Launch TRIMS to access the map, then zoom in on your location.  Switch the view to aerial photo and  click on the ruler icon (up top), then click on the polygon area measurement (window should open when you click the ruler).  Place the curser on the edge of the area to be measured and click as you go around whatever you are measuring.  Double click when you completely go around the area to be measured and the measurement in acres/sq. miles with perimeter feet/meters/miles should appear.  (May take a little practice -but works well).


Forages, Pasture & Hay Information:

Texas AgriLife Extension provides a wealth of information on forage related topics. Just a few which you may find of use include:

Texas Forages ( publications / weed control / forage pests / research )

If you have had your hay tested and are interested in the feeding value recommendations for beef cattle, our Forageval online program is a great resource. *You will need Crude Protein and Acid Detergent Fiber report numbers to run this simple calculator.


Honey Locust (Individual Plant Treatment)

45 Day After Treatment Evaluation



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