Aquatics & Wildlife Resources

Aquatics & Wildlife Resources


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Aquatic Information:

Pond management is one of the popular items in Walker County.  If you are needing assistance with management or weed ID, please contact the AgriLife office.  Proper ID of weeds is important to select the correct product.

USDA/NRCS is the agency with capabilities to assist with recommendations on design and construction of ponds or water impoundments.  They have an excellent online handbook.  Well worth a close review if you are thinking about building a water impoundment.  USDA Ponds Planning, Design, Construction (AH-590) A 85 page handbook describing the requirements for building a pond (pdf download).

Aquatic Weed Identification & Control Recommendations (Aquaplant) The AgriLife resource for ID and control options / recommendations for managing aquatic plants or weeds.

TAMU/Extension Wildlife Management publications

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center publications. You name it, if it is related to fisheries or aquaculture management topics, you will find it here.

Are you curious as to how large your pond is?   Trinity River Information Management System (TRIMS) has an online mapping tool that can measure areas.  This tool is extremely helpful when working with ponds. When you follow the link, be sure to Launch TRIMS to access the map, then zoom in on your location.  Switch the view to aerial photo and  click on the ruler icon (up top), then click on the polygon area measurement (window should open when you click the ruler).  Place the curser on the edge of the area to be measured and click as you go around whatever you are measuring.  Double click when you completely go around the area to be measured and the measurement in acres/sq. miles with perimeter feet/meters/miles should appear.  (May take a little practice -but works well).

Texas Parks & Wildlife


Wildlife Information:

Wild Wonderings Blog (all wildlife subjects)

Feral Hogs in Texas publication

Coping with Feral Hogs AgriLife web site designed to provide information to landowners and the general public on feral hog control, damage, diseases and hunting tips.

TX AgriLife Feral Hog Webinars

Wildlife Damage Management ( Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management ) Information on identification of wildlife problems and tips to help stop the damage.


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